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    Tuesday, 1 May 2007

    Not coming soon to a small screen near you...

    The Guardian is carrying a story concerning an ad campaign that is to run in a number of Caribbean countries, and which aims to persuade governments not to support Japan's plans to resume commercial whaling. A snippet of it can be watched on the Guardian site - but don't expect to see anything similar on UK (or Irish) tv screens anytime soon, as 'we the people' are still deemed too infantile to decode commercially-sponsored political messages broadcast on tv or radio (see Animal Defenders International v Secretary of State for Culture Media & Sport [2006] EWHC 3069 (Admin) and an earlier post of mine).

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    jamie said...

    It isn't that the people are unable to decode political messages.

    Advertising on television is expensive and so democracy costs more to run with no corresponding increase in quality. In fact, many would argue that the opposite is true.

    There is no case based on anything other than the rather odd libertarian credo that believes the person with deepest pockets has the right to the greatest hearing.

    Have a read of this -

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