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    Friday, 28 May 2010

    Who's got the one-track mind? the libel claimant's story

    In years to come - if it isn't happening already - political science students will be studying the libel reform campaign, its personalities, methods and outcomes from divers theoretical perspectives. For now, its all still a whirl. Its to be hoped that what comes out of the vortex will be fair, procedurally sound, less costly all round, and sustainable. The singular success of the libel reform movement has been to focus attention and to ensure that many heads address the complex issues. Its singular failure would come to pass if we trip into rushed and piecemeal reform. We've almost made that mistake once (1,2). Beware the (online) free speech nympholeptics!

    Today there was a small but important event; another reminder to everyone that this is not a battle between the good and the evil, the honorable and the avaricious, liberals and 'illiberals' (the last was when Carter-Ruck won a libel case... for a scientist... on a CFA). A claimant's story got told - and told fairly and well.

    Read it for yourself here, and when you're done try this for a further insight (this time into the experience of being at the eye of a media storm).

    ... and hat's off to the Guardian!

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    Anonymous said...

    You can find a second-hand telling of the Lillie and Reed story here, and the case itself here.