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    Friday, 15 October 2010

    Media Futures: keynotes from the Belfast Media Festival

    Last week saw the inaugural Belfast Media Festival which was aimed at projecting forward on what might / could be the shape of the media sector in Northern Ireland in the coming digital years (the sector is already one of the major employers in the province).

    The Festival included five keynote speakers:  Peter Johnston (Director BBC NI); John Linwood (Chief Technology Officer, BBC); Janice Hadlow (Director BBC2); Sir Bob Geldof, and Martin Davidson (BBC Commissioning Editor). Videos of these sessions are available here.

    In particular, see the presentation by John Linwood which gives an interesting and concise overview of the possible future(s) of audio-visual (interactive) content delivery, and also then the remarkably incisive speech by Bob Geldof on the future of journalism (interesting and engaging from the start; riveting from about 20 mins).


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