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    Friday, 29 June 2007

    Commentaire négatif - c'est interdit?: subtle forms of censorship in France

    Also in the Times this morning is an interesting comment by Charles Bremner on the arguably over-weened, but subtly achieved, power of M. Sarkozy over elements of the French media. The President is said to rely on friends in high places - such as the controllers of magazine Paris Match, TV network TF1, and the only national Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche - to purge unflattering or critical commentary. The article cites a number of instances of such interventions to date. Will this become a new cause celebre for European media watchers?

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    Anonymous said...

    In this vein, Stephen Glover in The Independent has noted that Alan Rusbridger - aka editor of the Guardian - has bought a profile of Wendi Deng - aka Mrs Rupert Murdoch - but has so far failed to publish. Apparently, the profile has been published by Australian magazine The Monthly.

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