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    Saturday, 16 June 2007

    To whom the spoils? the dividend from digital switchover

    Earlier this week the Guardian had a helpful overview by Owen Gibson and Richard Wray of the debate regarding the decision to be made by Ofcom regarding the allocation of spectrum released through the digital switchover process. The public service broadcasters are seeking the opportunity to launch a number of HD channels over the Freeview platform, Ofcom isn't convinced that they need released spectrum in order to do this, and the Government has stressed the need to see through lobbyists' partisan claims. Ultimately, the resolution reached may shape the broadcasting sector for a generation (or maybe unforeseen technological developments will intervene?), and it will be fascinating to watch the escalationof the debate as the decision point nears.

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    Anonymous said...

    The BBC Trust is currently undertaking a public value test of the BBC's plan to launch an HD channel on Freeview - see here for details and supporting documentation.

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