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    Friday, 5 October 2007

    Crowngate report sees demise of BBC1 controller

    The Guardian is reporting that Peter Fincham, the controller of BBC1, has resigned following the publication of the Wyatt report into the 'Crowngate' affair. He was joined on the job market by Stephen Lambert of RDF (the firm at the centre of the affair). The BBC has also instituted a further range of measures in order to improve its future performance.

    The Wyatt report focused on two primary matters: how did the footage of the Queen come to be
    shown at a BBC1 press launch? and, why did the BBC wait so long to correct the story and issue an apology? It appears that Fincham's mistake was to have delayed in issuing a correction from 5pm on the relevant day until the following morning. Lambert has previously admitted being more immediately at fault, and it has been surmised that the BBC has warned RDF that it would not deal with it while the executive remained in post.

    The trailer at the root of the matter can be seen here, while the Wyatt report is available here.

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