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    Monday, 22 October 2007

    Dangerous liaisons?: two dalliances between government and media

    Two noteworthy instances of supposed government cooption of broadsheet journalists in recent days. First, the Independent was caught on adopting more than the gist of a government press notice on the EU Reform Treaty on its Thursday front page '10 myths about the EU treaty' (on which, hear Damian Chalmers and others at the LSE on this Thursday). It has since come out fighting.

    Secondly, a soon to be published narrative on the failings of the UK media to challenge received wisdoms on global problems is to highlight the role of a former Observer political editor in the preparation of the 'dodgy dossier' that formed part of the Government's strategy to justify the moves towards war in Iraq (1,2). This purported role has been denied by the journalist in question.


    Andrew Scott said...

    For further commenton the Independent story, see:

    - Indy publishes pro-EU propaganda
    - How independent is The Independent?
    - Indy-gate : Not Independent, Not Speaking

    Anonymous said...

    Doesn't Kellner know that the EC has its own ways and means of appealing to the masses? Under the heading of 'Come Together' it has released a compilation of moments from great love/sex scenes in European movies on YouTube.

    See: EC comes under fire for saucy YouTube video

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