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    Friday, 23 March 2007

    Bring out the big guns: Ofcom launches inquiry into premium lines

    Ofcom finally ceded to demands yesterday, and announced that it is to hold an inquiry into the use of premium rate phonelines by broadcasters (1,2,3). Until now, it had seemed that Ofcom was happy to allow Icstis to hold the fort, but perhaps this week's rhetorical intervention by Tessa Jowell prompted a rethink.

    Meanwhile, Ofcom also published its first annual review of the state of public service broadcasting. At first glance, it offers few surprises: the BBC is considered very strong, ITV is valued for its qulaity drama and its regionally programming, Ch4 is engaging and challenging, Northerners prefer Corrie and Southeners Eastenders, while kids are simply watching less (1,2).

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