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    Thursday, 22 March 2007

    The most ill-conceived ad campaign

    In a vivid illustration of the power of community regulation the filmaker Lionsgate has been forced to pull 30 billboard adverts in LA and over 1400 cab-based ads in NY after a public outcry. The offensive ads were for an upcoming horror film 'Captivity' starring Elisha Cuthbert and featured four panels - 'Abduction'; 'Confinement'; 'Torture'; and 'Termination'. Those possessed of a macbre interest may find details of the panels from the original Hollywood Reporter story or can see the images on Cinema Blend (may cause offence).

    While you have the choice whether the click on the above link, one billboard was placed opposite the Palms Middle School in LA where one bright student, described it as 'a graphic, nasty billboard' (see the LA Times Report). Community outcry has seen Lionsgate agree to remove all billboards and cab-ads but one wonders about the old ad-world adage...there is no such thing as bad publicity. Here's hoping the film bombs.

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