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    Wednesday, 21 March 2007

    Westminster eForum on Net Neutrality

    I spent yesterday morning at the Westminster eForum on Net Neutrality. There was a fascinating mix of participants. The dominant presence were the telcos, but there was also strong representation from content providers, regulators and civil society. What was most intersting though was that with nearly twenty speakers there was almost complete harmony in the message which was that the UK market for broadband access was healthy enough to allow for competition in the market to regulate net neutrality issues (at least in the short term) and that a UK equivalent of the proposed Dorgan-Snowe Bill was undesirable and unnecessary. The American speakers were almost universal in declaring the current US debate as hysteria and praising the more balanced European debate, while the Europeans argued that "regulated neutrality" went against the grain of an open network.

    The proceedings should be published in a few days. When they come out I'll post them on the IT Law at the LSE website and put a link in here.

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