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    Friday, 13 April 2007

    Blogger = journalist? Economist on protection of sources

    The Economist has an interesting article on the case of Josh Wolf, a blogger cum journalist, who has just been released from jail in California having served 7 months for failing to cooperate with an investigation by revealing his sources (for more, see here).


    Anonymous said...

    The Economist article is right to say the issue about more than the rights of journalists.

    In my post about Josh's release i propose that, from a human rights perspective (which is what the First Amendment embodies) we should drop the category of 'journalist' altogether and find other terms for our right to participate and to be heard. "In harsh times, is it enough to be reporters, or do we need to become defenders?"


    Andrew Scott said...

    Working link to Dan's post:

    Josh Wolf free but citizen journalism under threat

    - it, and the blog more generally, are great reads

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