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    Thursday, 27 September 2007

    Advertising salvation: Channel 4 carries first mainstream religious advert

    Lest it pass unnoted, earlier this month Channel 4 carried its first ever advertisement placed by a mainstream religious group (1,2). The advert promoted the Alpha course (it can be found on YouTube). Now, can the promulgation of religious viewpoints be considered 'political'...


    Russ said...

    It's probably better to be exposed to new or different ideas (be they political or religious) than to be exposed to the constant stream of adverts for consumer loans and alcohol...

    Russ Taylor

    Andrew Scott said...

    I don't think there's much 'probably' about - and neither do you if I recall your previous notes in different places on political advertising correctly. Roll on the ADI case before the House of Lords, and fingers crossed for an (improbable?) reverse of the decision of the High Court.

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