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    Tuesday, 18 September 2007

    Catch-up (August): mobile tv in the doldrums

    The query as to the future uptake of mobile tv- aired recently by Anthony Lilley - was filled out in an article published in the TechnologyGuardian. This highlighted research indicating a paucity of numbers of people accessing tv services over mobile platforms in the UK; it also cited sufficient counter-evidence, however, to leave the debate open for now. The article also noted the decision of the EC to encourage further uptake of the DVB-H technology.


    Andrew Scott said...

    Anthony Lilley has also been critical of the BBC's iPlayer, on one level in terms of its limitations (due to DRM, respecting rights-holders interests and its limited offering among other things). But on a deeper levelhe is also critical of the BBC's involvement (and ongoing resource commitment) in establishing and maintaining its own platform when this might be better left to real innovators in this field.

    See: I have no appetite for shows with a short shelf-life

    Anonymous said...

    On the optimistic side, as Owen Gibson noted recently at some length in the Guardian, a confluence of forces (including the fact that BSkyB - with its obvious opportunities for cross-promotion - hold the mobile content rights) may see premiership football drive forward the uptake of the platform. The article also offers more general reflections on the topic.

    Andrew Scott said...

    For some early factoids on the take up of the iPlayer and other equivalents, see this from the Guardian:

    iPlayer take-up 120,000 in a week

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