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    Wednesday, 26 September 2007

    Catch-up (August): Darth Murdoch and the evil empire

    A topic on which I've strenously avoided comment here in protest at the outpourings of righteous self-regard among newspaper commentators is that of the ultimately successful purchase by News Corporation of Dow Jones (Wall Street Journal). A couple of snippets did tickle me however: first, the fact that one member of the Board established to vouchsafe editorial independence for the WSJ was deemed a News Corp accolyte on the strength of tenuous - but nonetheless terrible - links, and secondly, Murdoch's - justified - complaint that he had been subjected to lambast of degrees generally reserved for genocidal tyrants (and here). Its hard not to agree that commentators sometimes - or almost invariably in respect of Murdoch and his scions - get things just a tad out of proportion.

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