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    Friday, 2 November 2007

    'The New Republic'?: Cass Sunstein to speak at LSE

    Its been confirmed that Cass Sunstein, Professor of Law at the University of Chicago and author of the seminal work among much else, is to speak at LSE on 6 December. The book highlighted the potential threat to democracy arising in the risk that the Internet might prompt the (further) segmentation of society into self-reinforcing, balkanised sub-cultural groups that engaged less with unfamiliar people and ideas to the collective detriment.

    Sunstein has recently published an updated version of his 2001 text, taking account of the widespread critique and valorisation of his earlier take and recent technological developments such as blogs. Further details to follow...


    Andrew Scott said...

    Unfortunately, Professor Sunstein has had to cancel this event. It is hoped that it can be reinstated for the new year.

    Hovrah said...

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