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    Monday, 26 November 2007

    Strasbourg activism sees reputation identified as privacy right

    The Strasbourg court has delivered two judgments in the last month or so focused on national defamation laws, and in particular on the question as to whether there exists a 'right to reputation' protected under Article 8 ECHR. On both occasions, in Lindon v France and Pfeifer v Austria, the court concluded that reputation is so protected.

    For some, this is a welcome conclusion for the rebalancing that it implies must be undertaken as between freedom of expression and reputation in cases such as Reynolds or Jameel. For others, it is based upon a basic misunderstanding of the origins and purpose of Article 8. I'm hoping to speak more to this dichotomy in the next weeks. Meanwhile, Jonathan Coad of Swan Turton has comment pieces on both cases (1,2).

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