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    Friday, 9 November 2007

    The Pushmepullyou: the intractable problem with the PCC?

    Jonathan Coad of Swan Turton has renewed his longstanding critique of the Press Complaints Commission with a note drawing together a number of recent developments. He cites Heather Mills' recently launched campaign for accuracy in journalism, comments from Greenslade, evidence given by Christopher Meyer to the Culture, Media and Sport Ctte of the House of Commons, and evidence from the Commission's enforcement decisions to challenge the independence of the authority.

    Coad asserts that the PCC is obviously inadequate for its supposed role given its "systemic press bias". He concludes that it should be "allowed (sic!) to fulfil its real role as a lobby group for ensuring press freedom" while "a new independent press complaints body should deal with the complaints of the general public so that justice is not only done when complaints are made, but is seen to be done". The PCC might feel free to ignore this lone voice, in favour of purported assurances on its future from government. Except, its not a lone voice...

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    Andrew Scott said...

    On newspaper corrections generally, and their relationship with the new vogue for having readers' editors, see this by Ed Caesar from the Independent:
    Why sorry is still the hardest word
    The piece also notes the attitude of the PCC towards the recent practice of making corrections.

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