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    Friday, 13 April 2007

    BSkyB response to Virgin case filing

    I couldn't find BSkyB's response to Virgin's suit online, and so requested it by email (see below). This largely reflects what has been reported in the papers and online.

    12 April 2007


    Commenting on today’s statement by Virgin Media, Mike Darcey, Sky’s Chief Operating Officer, said:

    "This action is without foundation and is an obstacle to bringing back Sky’s basic channels for Virgin Media customers. The best and quickest way to give customers what they want is to resume negotiations and we’ve invited Virgin Media to return to the table. For a cost of just 3p per customer per day, Virgin Media could offer a bigger and better choice of Sky channels than ever before.

    “Virgin Media is saving money as a result of this dispute but it hasn’t reduced prices. Millions of customers have lost access to the shows they enjoy and it is clear that many resent paying full prices for fewer channels. Virgin Media is also insisting on re-opening a previous deal for its channels on the Sky platform, even though this has absolutely no relevance for cable viewers.

    “Increasingly, customers will ask whether Virgin Media is putting its own financial interests before giving them the service they want.”


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