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    Friday, 6 April 2007

    Icstis launches new code

    Icstis, the premium rate calls regulator, has announced the introduction of a new set of rules for tv quiz call programmes in the form of a new Statement of Expectations (1,2,3). The new rules purport to be a response to concerns raised in a Parliamentary report in January (see also last week's joint Ofcom/Icstis reply), but are also clearly motivated by the recent splurge of investigations.

    The Statement requires transparency on callers' chances of getting on air (by way of an onscreen totaliser of the number of recent calls), the provision of pricing information (directly by the presenter or by means of a voice-over), and warnings to be given to individual callers who are spending substantial amounts. Icstis also hope to develop an enhanced prior permission regime - or kitemark - for all premium rate services that are broadcast.

    Ofcom's own investigation into the recent problems is ongoing.

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