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    Friday, 6 April 2007

    Update on Virgin vs Sky

    The self-imposed deadline by which Virgin threatened to initiate legal proceedings against BSkyB if the latter did not return its general channels to the cable platform has come and gone. It seems that Sky has forestalled the move by Virgin by means of an eleventh hour letter (1,2). Its not clear what BSkyB has offered, but it is said to have robustly rejected the foundations of Virgin's putative legal action. We'll have to wait on Virgin's response.

    Perhaps its entirely unrelated to this ongoing spat, but I did note that The Times was the only broadsheet to be reporting Branson's loss of an age discrimination case in Australia in which older air hostesses alleged that the Virgin Blue airline were only interesting in young and good-looking applicants for posts...


    Anonymous said...

    Similarly, the Times was the only broadsheet to report the fact that VirginMedia had paid around 25m pounds to its top seven executives in 2006.

    See Virgin Media awards seven executives £25m after losing £510m

    Anonymous said...

    The VirginMdeia payout to executives story is also in MediaGuardian today:
    See Pay bonanza for top Virgin Media execs

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